Services 2019

1) Accommodation
I.B.Y.T. Committee provides high quality services, thus teams will be accommodated  in 2 selected hotels in the northern suburbs of Athens.  Accommodation is in the price included .


A) 4 stars Hotel CIVITEL ATTIK (





b) 3 stars Hotel CAVALLARI (





2) Meal Plans
Nutritionist Anastasia Chatzoglou is responsible for planning nutritious meals for the athletes. The meals that will be provided by I.B.Y.T. are the following:


For the full-board packages at both hotels:

period 25-30 of June 2018
19/6/2019: arrival - Dinner
20/6/2019: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
21/6/2019: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
22/6/2019: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
23/6/2019: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
24/6/2019: Breakfast - departure

For selected half-board packages breakfast and one meal is offered.

There are packages offering accommodation and breakfat only.


Please note that during the meals drinkable tap water will be provided. Bottled water or soft drinks are not included in the package and will be charged extra.

3) Trasportation
Comfortable tournament buses will be available to safely transfer the teams to all tournament locations. The buses will take the althetes to all scheduled destinations, such as to and from the aeroport, to and from the court, to the beach, to the museums.

4) Sightseeings
I.B.Y.T. has planned a visit to Athens, to the Acropolis.



5) Visit of a seaside

During the tournament a visit of a beautiful beach has been organized.











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