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1) Tournament location
This tournament will take place in Kifissia, north of Athens, which is the capital and largest city in Greece. It dominates the Attica region and is one of world's  oldest cities. Its   spanning over 3,400 years, and its earliest human presence starting somewhere between the 11th and 7th millennia BC

..There you could find much things that  all compose a perfect environment for this athletic and summer event.

Basketball2) Accommodation
The teams will be accommodated in 3 Hotels in Athens (in two 4 star or in one 3 star hotel according to the preferred package).  For more information click here.

3) Meal Plans
According to the package you have decided, breakfast / two / three meals a day are offered for all the members of the team (athletes and coach) for the 5days of the tournament, including and arrival-day dinner and a departure-day breakfast. For more information click here

4) Transportation
All transportations to and from the airport, including any additional transportation to sightseeings and other field trips will be accommondated by the tournament organization. For more information click here

5) Historical sites and sightseeings
All teams will visit the Acropolis . Trasportation  are provided by the I.B.Y.T., as part of the package. For more information click here.

6) Events
The Committee has organized several events: An opening ceremony will take place in  the Tournament gym and there our representative will address the welcoming speech. Daily excursions. After the end of the tournament a closing ceremony and a party for the teams will be held.

7) Safety and Medical Aid
Greece is one of the most peaceful and safe countries in the world. I.B.Y.T. will be held under the most secure circumstances.
During the tournament, a doctor will be present to provide First Aid whenever necessary.

There is a Medical Center 1km away from the court. I.B.Y.T.

The hospital "Metropolitan" will take care of serious incidents during the games.

The IBYT Committee will provide to each team a catalog with important information (names and phone numbers of doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, police department, medical center and your teams I.B.Y.T. assistant).

8) Participation Packages
7 different packages are offered by I.B.Y.T.
6 packages are offered to athletes (accommodation + breakfast, half board and full board, 3 packages in a 4 star and 3 packages in a 3 star hotel)
An extra package is offered to team leaders, companions and parents

9) Free services
Tournament covers coaches expenses (transportation, accommodation to  double room, meals, visits to sightseeings, gifts and entertainment) for every team that is composed of at least 12 athletes.

10) Changes or cancelation not made by I.B.Y.T.
If you want a reservation to be cancelled for either one individual or a whole group, it needs to be done four (4) days before the prepay deadline. You have to send the cancellation form via mail or e-mail. Cancellation date is considered the date that the document reaches our office.

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