Ι.Β.Υ.Τ. Rules 2019

I.B.Y.T.  will be played in accordance with the Greek basketball rules (which correspond with the FIBA rules). FIBA rules apply to all matches.
One club may participate with multiple teams and multiple age – groups.
Team leaders need to make sure that all your players are insured both on and off the playing courts. I.B.Y.T. does not carry any group insurance protecting participants in case of injury, illness, theft or damage to property. I.B.Y.T. is in no way responsible for injury or economic loss which may arise in the case of war, warlike events, civil war, revolution or civil disturbances or because of the actions of the authorities, strikes, lockouts, blockades or similar events.

Age groups: 2003-2004 for boys U16, 2005-2006 for boys U14 and 2007-2008 for boys U12

Accreditation; Proof of Age
Each team has to send a list of the players, via e-mail, until the 21 of May 2019.
This list should include each player name, birthdate, nationality, height, jersey number and position. The jersey number each player has on the Participant list has to be noted on the team list for each game.
At Registration the identification process will take place. During this process all players' passports or photo identifications have to be submitted to the Committtee for confirmation of personal information.
Each player will have his own I.B.Y.T. accreditation card, in which all his/her personal information will appear.
The coach of every team will fill in a form with the players' information, which, along with the passports or the photo identification, will be submitted before every game, in order to be checked from the referees.
Full controls of team lists and participant's lists will be carried out with the help of the I.B.Y.T. accreditation cards, or for the wish of the other team trainers by identification cards, or passports, or player license from it is possible to determine the age of the player - before each match.

Game schedule
I.B.Y.T. Committee  has the right to alter group arrangements, locations and/or times of the matches until the 16th of June 2019 for the period.
Team leaders will be notified in case any changes are made.

Playing Courts
All matches will be indoor on wood coated courts. The size of the courts in all age groups will be 15m x 28m.
Players not wearing appropriate equipment (eg. shoes) will be asked to correct it in order to participate in the game.
Food and drinks (except bottled water) are not allowed inside the courts.

Duration of the games
Each game will have 4 10minute periods. There shall be intervals of play of one (1) minute between the first and second period (first half), between the third and fourth period (second half), and five (7) minutes half-time interval.
In case of draw there will be 5 minute overtime.
Each team has 1 timeout for each period, and an additional one in case of overtime.
Shot time will be taken (24 seconds).
Importand note: One day, a team could play two games that each of periods will be 8 minutes.

Rules of the Match; Penalties
One team may register an unlimited number of players in the tournament. Any of the registered players may enter a match, though no team may use more than 15 players in a single match.
A technical foul will be given if there is a regulation violation.
5 personal fouls lead to the player disqualification from the game.
5 team fouls lead to free throws for the opposite team.
2 technical fouls or 2 flagrant fouls lead to the player disqualification from game.
2 technical fouls of the coach lead to his/her disqualification from the game.
All participants have to be respectful to the referees and the other players. Insulting the opposition - with special regard to racist remarks - will result in immediate send-off.
A pink game report is the proof of a game won and a yellow game report is a proof of a game lost, and either one will be given to the coaches coach according to the outcome of the game.
Two points will be awarded for a win and one point for a loss.

I.B.Y.T. Referees are licensed referees, members of the Greek Referees Basketball Association.
Implementing the rules and "fair play" are very important for I.B.Y.T.
The decisions of the referee regarding facts related to play are final. No measures will be taken on protests on decisions made by referees.

Players' Uniforms
All team shirts must be numbered and the numbers must correspond to the numbers on the team list. Numbers must be on the backs of the shirts.
If the referee decides that one team should change shirts due to similarity to the opposing team's shirts, the team appearing last in the program must change. We suggest each team should carry two different colour uniforms (dark and light colour).
Two players may not use the same number in any given match.

Team list
The list of each team (that includes each players name, birthdate, nationality, height, jersey number and position), along with the identification documents have to be submitted fifteen (15) minutes before the start of the game.
Any team that refuses to bring in the list, or the passports or the accreditation cards of the athletes before the match will be automatically declared loser by 0:20.
Coaches have to sing the game report before and after the end of the game.
All coaches must sign the match report before the start of the match that he/she verified the other teams’ players’ documentation of which their age was determined. Protest because of age issues cannot be made after the start of the match.

Before Game
All teams must be ready at the field a minimum of 30 minutes before the jump ball. The warm up time will be 15 minutes.
The team manager must make sure that his players are adequately healthy.
Jewellery must be inspected prior to the match by the referee for safety reasons. Necklaces must be taken off, ear piercing must be taped down. Chewing gum is not permitted.

The balls that will be used to the tournament are
regular euroleague balls.

There will be a five (5) minute waiting for any team that is not on time (scheduled time) for the game.
Any team not appearing at the appointed time and place for a match will be automatically declared loser by 0:20.

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