Terms & conditions

1) Tournament application / deadlines
Teams that are interested in participating in I.B.Y.T. have to apply within the deadline, which is the 15/03/2023. The positions will be covered on a “Fist come, first served” basis, and that is what makes the early booking important.

2) Payment

Teams need to prepay a non refundable 20% of the total amount not later than 15/3/2023, in order to ensure their participation. The whole amount will be paid out 06/05/2023.

3) Participation Criteria

a) Countries

Every country that is recognized by Greece or countries that are members of the FIBA are welcome to I.B.Y.T.
b) Teams

Teams and clubs from Greece and around the world, school teams, athletic academies and every team that meets the tournament’s requirements.
c) Age groups

Age group U14 boys and girls, born in 2009 and later.
Age group U16 boys and girls that are born in 2007 and later.

Note: Each team has the right to use up to 4 athletes born in the previous year from the predicted age group category.

4) Personal identification

a)All the team members including the athletes, the coaching stuff, team leaders and other team members have to present a passport or a photo identification in order to be able to participate in I.B.Y.T.
b) Each team should submit a list of players (containing name, birthdate/birthplace, nationality) to the I.B.Y.T. Administration. The deadline to submit the list is at the registration. On the basis of this list, each player will receive an I.B.Y.T. accreditation card which he/she must carry during the entire event. Players, team leaders and attendants will be able to identify themselves with this card and it will be checked before each match.

5) Terms of participation – Health Insurance – Liability

a)It’s important to know that tournament commission has taken care of athletes safety and health, so there will be a doctor present in every game.
b) Team leader has to sign a consent form (at the arrival day) representing each member of the team.That consent form refers to any injury that may be caused during the games of the tournament and make it clear that I.B.Y.T. is not responsible for any injury/ loss or damage of personal property that may occur during the tournament.
c) Each athlete must be insured as individual or has a team insurance and this insurance must provide cover in any case of injury. Insurance must be in force in Greece. Also each athlete that is not from Greece has to own the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or the International Health Insurance (IHI). These papers have to be shown from the team leader to the Tournament Commission during the Registration. At Registration team leader will sign a consent form that every player is sufficiently insured and that I.B.Y.T. is not responsible for any injury/ loss or damage of personal property that may occur during the tournament.
d) I.B.Y.T. Commission will not accept liability for any changes or cancellations made during the Tournament that may be caused by external factors (Force Majeure), as war, threat of war, riot, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, technical problems with transportation, strikes, fire or adverse weather conditions, or other similar events beyond our control.
e) I.B.Y.T will not accept liability for any Greek law violation by any member of the teams.
f) When a Team Leader signs the Registration Form is responsible to keep each member of the team informed for every aspect of the tournament and is responsible of every economical liability of his/her team member to I.B.Y.T.

6) Code of Conduct

a)The teams that will participate to the tournaments have to obey the Rules and Regulations of the I.B.Y.T Commission. Prepaying is a form of agreement with the Terms and Conditions, as well as all Tournament’s Committee decisions (referee calls, etc).
b) All team members have to show appropriate behavior and respect their peers. Every form of racist, aggressive or discriminatory behavior will not be accepted and will result in the immediate ejection of the person responsible from the tournament.
c) Each team is responsible for any damage caused in the property of the tournament, or the facilities (courts, hotel rooms, museums etc.) by its members. I.B.Y.T. is not responsible for any damage that has been caused by a team member and team’s leader has to sign a consent form accepting this term.

7) Extra services

I.B.Y.T. will not accept liability for any extra expenses and for any other service that is not included in the provided services and is not published on this website.

8) Rectitude of website posts.

Published Information on this website by I.B.Y.T. are verified and correct but the Commission preserves the right to change them (cost, services, match program, rules ,etc)  before the agreement with the teams. In case of any changes made the teams will be informed in time and before the agreement by the Commission.

9) Photos

Signing the Registration Form is a form of agreement with the Terms and Conditions as well as the Rules and Regulations of I.B.Y.T.

Note that with this agreement I.B.Y.T. has the permission to release and make public photos and videos of the players and the teams participating (advertises, promotion, TV, website, posters, etc) during and after the tournament. If any member of a team does not want to be photographed or videotaped has to inform the Commission until the 30/04/2023.

10) Inadequate participation

Inadequate participation is the case of less than the teams required have registered, in order the Tournament of a specific age group or gender to take place. In this case the Tournament Commission will inform in time all interested teams and will return the prepayment.

11) Litigation affair

In case of judicial arguments, the Court of Justice will take place in Cyprus according to the Cyprus Laws.